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Wardrobe Revive Session
About Me
Hello, my name is Mariem, a fun loving being who has worked for over 10 years in the TV & Film Industry as a Costume Assistant. I've learnt a great deal about the history of costumes, fashions, body shapes and fabrics. I gained experience in adapting quickly to new spaces I would work from, how effective being organised is and how I could positively effect the space around me. My journey as a Style Coach began very naturally with friends and family and I realised the process was having a lasting positive effect on them. I was always passionate about clothing but became a shopaholic, got overwhelmed with the ever changing fashion styles and the amount of items I owned. This may come as a surprise to you considering my experience, but I lost the enjoyment of shopping for clothes and I stopped expressing myself. This lead me to apply the Wardrobe Revive method on myself and I loved the results. I wanted to use my personal and work experience to develop a service to help others. So I set up a service as a Style Coach and now offer sessions in peoples homes.
My ultimate goal is to make this service accessible to as many people as possible, so that they enjoy what they have, feel great and confident in what they are wearing and take charge of how they want to express themselves.
Who is this for?
If you feel overwhelmed, think you have lost your sense of style, have a change of job or lifestyle then this could be the perfect boost for you. With my guidance we can work together to de-clutter, organise and create outfits from your existing clothes, making life more efficient for you to enjoy life with confidence and express who you are with ease and joy.
The Benefits to you
1) Save Money and Time
2) Learn tools to dress for your shape and be creative
3) A Wardrobe that only includes items to uplift and express you
4) Create space and clarity that expands beyond your Wardrobe
5) If needed a specific shopping list to further enhance and compliment your existing collection.
3 Hour Wardrobe Revive Session
3 Hour session in your home focusing on 2 goals of your choice.
Includes an after care email with pictures sent to you with very detailed notes specific for your shape and lifestyle for continued guidance.
* Suitable for those who may have cleared out items before, or know they don't have a lot.
4 Hour Wardrobe Revive Session
4 Hour session in your home focusing on 2 goals of your choice
Includes an after care email with pictures sent to you with very detailed notes specific for your shape and lifestyle for continued guidance.
* Suitable for those who know they have a fair amount and haven't cleared out before.
Repeat Wardrobe Revive Session
Repeat 3-4 hour sessions deal, tailored to your needs.
* Suitable for those whose image has a big impact on their lifestyle or you have accumulated a lot and need more than 3 to 4 hours to achieve all their goals.
Shopping and Online Ordering Service
I recommend a minimum 3 Hour Revive Session prior to shopping or ordering online, to ensure this is of real benefit for you and I get to know you and your needs better.
Events Style Advice
(Available in person or Skype)
Style advice for special occasions, interviews and events.
(Including holiday packing and dates)
3, 4 and Repeat Wardrobe Revive Sessions come with a free 30 minute meet up in person where possible or via Skype.
If you feel you need time with me in a different set up please contact me to discuss options,
prices available when we know what it is you need.
From my experience the 3 and 4 hour sessions are a good starting point and make a big impact.
I felt unable to make a statement with my clothes, often feeling dull and I lost the joy of being creative. I love the way Mariem taught me to play with various styles and now I feel I have so many more combinations without spending more and I'm getting compliments from men and women. I feel bolder, sexy, younger, energetic and inspired, I can't wait to take this into other areas of my life. Thank you.'
Maria Namecka
Procurement Manager
For the first time in my life I realised that how I look could influence how people perceive me. I felt very fortunate to have such an experienced and talented professional look at my wardrobe. The end result is that I had all the right clothes, threw out some and only needed to purchase 1 belt! I was sure I needed to go shopping, so this saved me a lot of time and money. The real benefit of this session is I now know what combinations look good on me and I feel confident about myself. Thank you for a wonderful experience, I highly recommend your services'
Philip Harrison
Life & Relationship Coach
'Mariem brings a great energy to the process, I found her very methodical and realistic, she listens to you and believes in you to be able to make your own choices. What really helped me is to get an insight on how others perceive me and where peoples attention goes depending on how you accessorise. I got lots of helpful shopping tips specific to my figure and Mariem helped me dispel some of the myths I had in my head about the way I look. I feel more confident and I am enjoying my clothes with a new fondness! I highly recommend her services.
Nela Hajec
Russian/English Dialogue Coach, Translator & Interpreter
'I was quite unsure of what to expect from my revive session, it was a totally new experience to me and a bloody delicious one at that! I felt comfortable, Mariem is really patient and a serene lady. She helped me differentiate between wowzers outfits and things that needed to go into the charity bag. She taught me I don't need to shop or spend a lot and with her advice I invested in one pair of smart black shoes and it's had a positive impact on so many outfits. Since the session, I really feel the difference when at work or at the weekends, there is a rise in my confidence and a spring in my step, thank you, I'm looking forward to our next session.'
Caroline Hall
Well-Being Practitioner
Based in Prague,
London and South East (UK)
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